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29/11/2013 - Boccia – like Gotcha

Sir Francis Drake played bowls, maybe Napoleon preferred boules but the fact is that there are many variations on the game where the aim is to throw, roll or pitch a ball as close as you can to the ‘jack’. Indoor bowling facilities are a welcome retreat during inclement weather though they are few and far between. But there is an alternative. Boccia (pronounced like gotcha) is a way of playing the game indoors and the only requirement is a reasonably sized room and a set of boccia balls. Unlike other variations on the old theme, it’s played sitting down which makes it a wonderfully inclusive game. It’s been a Paralympic sport since 1984.

Boccia 1
Boccia 2

If you’d like to learn more about boccia, there’s more information on Wikipedia

We recently set up a tournament at one of our extra care schemes. Here are some photos from our gallery:

Boccia 3
Boccia 4

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