Wrekin pledges 2,500 volunteer days to support local communities

Each year we pledge more than 2,500 volunteer days a year to help local communities and good causes.

Wrekin actively supports its employees in their efforts to volunteer across a wide range of activities and causes in their local communities. Staff can take up to an extra two days leave a year, dedicated to volunteering and making a difference.

During 2023/24, 167 members of staff took up the option to volunteer their time to help good causes – from community litter picks, mentoring young people, helping at local foodbanks and supporting people with their digital skills. A number of staff are using their days to support causes that matter to them.

Andrew Anthony works as Senior Infrastructure Specialist Wrekin’s ICT team. He also gives his time to help inspire young people by volunteering with St John Ambulance – who he has been with for 24 years.

He first became involved with St John as a Cadet himself, and ended up running the group he started at which he’s done since 2005. Since then, Andrew has progressed to getting involved in other projects with St John including looking after their young people’s programme across Staffordshire, Shropshire and Wolverhampton and managing the Molineux Stadium for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Andrew said:

“Over the past 24 years I’ve trained a lot of people who have gone on to become paramedics, doctors and nurses. St John has given them that foundation and starting block – it’s ignited a flame inside them.”

“I always remember looking at Molineux out of the window of the car as a kid when we drove past – I would never have imagined that since 2016 I’d be responsible for the match day medical provision for the fans and staff.”

Andrew has also used his volunteer hours at Wrekin to serve the community via his work at St John’s, by providing medical assistance at the Shrewsbury Flower Show and a charity golf event for Haven – a local charity to support survivors of domestic abuse.

Despite volunteering almost 500 hours this year alone, it doesn’t feel like work to Andrew.

He added: “St John’s is like extended family and friends for me. I don’t really notice the time I put into it because of the social aspect. I love it, I get a lot of satisfaction out of it.”

Vicky Andrews is a Support Services Manager with Wrekin. Away from work, Vicky volunteers as a Squirrels Leader – the Scouts programme for 4 and 5 year olds

Vicky first got involved as her eldest is a Beaver and she accompanied him to camp and loved the experience. Now her youngest child is a Squirrel, moving up to Cubs in September.

Vicky said:

“My leader name is Mossy – they call me ‘Bossy Mossy!’ We do all sorts of things with the children from first aid training to cannoning and camps – which is the best thing ever! I love being outdoors, it’s really challenged me. I have quite a responsible job at work but going into Squirrels, I felt out of my comfort zone. It’s been amazing development for me.”

Vicky has used some of her volunteer hours to do her various group responsibilities, including filling out risk assessments. She’s also an active member of the PTA, and has used her volunteer hours for events.

David Wells, Executive Director of Operational Services at The Wrekin Housing Group said:

“We are committed to supporting the communities in which both our tenants and staff live and work. We also have a strong tradition of throwing ourselves into fundraising, charity events and volunteering.

“We know that many colleagues want to support good causes of their own choosing – that is why we give people the opportunity to use a portion of their work time to help out in their local community.

“Our 2,500 volunteer days will provide our staff with another fantastic opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives.”

3rd June 2024